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About Me

Donna Christian Owner/Designer

My love of sewing started in 1955 at the age of 6.  I learned the basic technqiues throughout high school and started sewing professionally in 1967, as a drapery room seamstress.  As my skills progressed, my passion for bridal wear prompted me to start my own alteration and dress design business in 1973 out of my home.  

I have worked through local bridal stores throughout the years, but also enjoy  my regular customers that come to my business for varied alterations. I now have a customer base of over 400 clients and I work on more than 250 bridal and formal gowns a year.

I have made designer gowns for runways, fashion shows, and sewn a dress that won a fashion designer competition at the Palladium in Carmel in 2014.  I have altered dresses for Miss Indiana and many pageant gowns.  

I am proud to have been on the 6-person team that designed and constructed Second Lady Karen Pence’s Inaugural Ball gowns as well as her 2 daughters, and daughter-in-laws dress.  The 8 dresses took our team over 400 hours and Karen Pence’s blue gown will be displayed in the Smithsonian for years to come.

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